Opera Announces GX Mobile, The World’s First Gaming Browser for Gamers

Opera has announced the mobile version of Opera GX, the player-oriented internet browser it announced last year. Opera GX Mobile, which is currently available as a beta version on iOS and Android platforms, offers mobile game enthusiasts a different experience than usual.

Opera, one of the important names in the browser industry, announced Opera GX, a special internet browser designed for gamers about 1 year ago. This particular browser has now been ported to mobile platforms. The company announced that it created the mobile version of Opera GX in line with the feedback from users, and the beta version of the new browser is available. So, what does the browser, which was launched as the “first in the world”, offers to mobile game enthusiasts?

Opera GX Mobile has a very colorful design like the original version of the browser. The company says that the browser, which it says has 4 different themes, for now, can be used in more designs in the future. Users will also have the opportunity to meet a platform called ” GX Corner ” in this internet browser. Opera says that this section will include the release calendars of the games, news about the games, newsletters, and discounts and that gamers can access all this content with a single tap.

Here’s what Opera GX Mobile looks like

Opera GX Mobile has some features that make life easier. The first of these is that this browser has the ” Flow ” feature. This feature allows users to sync Opera GX browsers and stream game content easily. A consumer who wants to use the Flow feature of Opera GX Mobile will only need to scan a QR code on the desktop version of the application. In addition, important features such as blocking cookies, built-in ad blocking, cryptocurrency mining detection will also be available in this browser.

The growing size of the screens of smartphones has made it almost impossible to use the devices with one hand. Not ignoring this situation, Opera developers created a section for Opera GX Mobile that they call quick action buttons. This section, which is close to the thumbs of the users, allows the use of features such as tab opening, closing, changing, and searching. In addition, users will be able to activate the haptic feedback feature offered by the browser.

The fact that Opera GX Mobile is still in beta means that there may be some problems with this internet browser. However, if you still want to use this gamer-focused browser, you can use the link here for the Android version of the app and here for the iOS version. In the meantime, let’s remind that iOS users must be included in the Test Flight program before starting to use this application.