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Is BlueStacks Safe to use?



Is BlueStacks Safe to use?

There’s no denying that Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators. However, unlike other Android emulators, there is always an air of uncertainty about people thinking is Bluestacks safe? While some consider it safe to use, others have had experiences with the cross-platform Android Emulator that raise some security concerns.

What is Bluestacks?

BlueStacks is a free Android emulator for PC and Mac currently with the largest market share. Android emulators allow desktop OS users to run Android apps and games that are normally designed to run on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Using BlueStacks on PC

Since the Bluestacks platform mostly focuses on gaming, most users use this Android emulator for PubG Mobile, Candy Crush, Temple Run etc. Using it to play popular games like. Also, there is a segment of users using Bluestacks just like mobile apps. Viber, Snapchat, etc.

Bluestacks is a project developed after the joint investment made by Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD.

BlueStacks security concerns

Perhaps the main reason users suspect that this Android emulation software is unsafe is the fact that some 3rd party security applications such as McAfee and Avast may detect the mainstream.

But as it turns out, the vast majority of these reports turned out to be false-positive. Even in cases where the executable was infected, there was no evidence that the file was already infected when Bluestacks was installed.

It is true that the BlueStacks installer asks you to disable your AV protection while installing the application on your system. But this is only to make sure you do not have an overprotective security suite that prevents the BlueStacks installation from completing successfully.

We scanned this Android emulator with many of the most efficient security scanners and found no evidence of malware infection. With that in mind, you can be sure that these Android emulators are not pre-loaded with any malware or adware.

Of course, we can vouch for this if you download the platform from the official site (here).

BlueStacks performance concerns

Another popular reason people wonder if BlueStacks is safe is performance issues. Uncertainty, even on mid-spec computers, some users report that Bluestacks crashes fairly steadily and consumes quite a bit of system resources.

Because BlueStacks has such a high CPU and RAM usage. Some people suspect that the software can be used for crypto mining or similar applications without the user’s worry. Fortunately, we couldn’t find any evidence of this activity.BlueStacks performance issues

We also looked at various expert opinions on this subject. It turned out that high CPU and RAM usage is normal even on high-end PC configurations while emulating the Android environment. This is because Android and desktop operating systems such as PC and MAC have a very different architecture. So resource efficiency is not really on the table in this matter.

Why the latest BlueStacks versions are the safest

Going back to the time when BlueStacks was just beginning to gain popularity. There was a lot of uncertainty in the revenue model. Just a few years ago, Reddit was full of threads encouraging people to stop using BlueStacks. Here is an example. Why?

The problem is that to continue using it, you had to pay the creators or download apps and rate them (according to the desired schedule). This certainly wouldn’t cause much controversy if there were apps that were not surrounded by uncertainty. But back then, there were growing concerns that some of the apps included in the download and installation program actually contained adware.

The original Bluestacks version didn’t include an uninstaller. The main program folder made to read-only so the user can not delete the folder containing the BlueStacks file.

Fortunately, this phase only lasted a few months. Realizing that this approach would stop their growth, the creators abandoned the download and pricing program and released the software. The most recent versions all include an uninstaller and the main program folder is no longer read-only.BlueStacks security concerns

As a result, most of the discussions you see online regarding Bluestacks’ security issues are no longer valid. The latest versions (that have arisen in the last two years) have raised no security questions.

Why choose Bluestacks?

Choosing Bluestacks is equivalent to choosing Samsung while on the market for a new Android phone. Just as Samsung has the largest market share in the smartphone market, Bluestacks is the main choice of all Android emulators.

In addition to being compatible with both Windows and MAC, it is maintained with regular updates and bug fixes, so you can expect a smooth experience.

Almost every feature of Bluestacks is designed to accommodate gamers. One of the most popular features that has enabled mobile gaming to move onto this platform is the ability to launch multiple instances of Bluestack apps – this makes it possible to launch multiple games at once (or the same game). If you use farming apps to quickly level up in your games, many examples help you do this easily. Multiple examples on BlueStacks

However, keep in mind that the number of samples you can run at one time depends on your PC’s capabilities.

Is BlueStacks Legal?

It is the question of many users considering Bluestacks whether the software is illegal or not. This is a legitimate question, especially if you look at most Nintendo or Gameboy emulators.

Although you are trying to get the BlueStacks software in the same container as Nintendo / Gameboy / Gamecube emulators, you shouldn’t. Nintendo emulators are illegal because they contain software copies of physical games in the system hardware ROM in order to work. This is a classic example of piracy.

However, there is a different environment to work with Bluestacks. As you can now, Android is completely open source. Even though Google apps are the property of Google, BlueStacks does not violate policies. The platform comes in advance to the Google Play Store (this is part of an agreement between the two parties) and you Play Store treats your BlueStack platform as another Android device. There is no discrimination.

Therefore, to finish this section, BlueStacks is completely legal as it runs an open source operating system and has the necessary permissions to add and support the Google Play store.

Is BlueStacks safe?

Yes, if you are after a definitive result. Bluestacks is Safe. No evidence of malware, spyware, or crypto mining was found. As of now, Bluestacks is 100% safe. All security certificates are signed and no secondary applications are packaged.

However, keep in mind that BluStacks only acts like a virtual machine. It is your responsibility to download only trusted applications from the Google Play Store.

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Steam Says Game Launching Doesn’t Start



Released in 2003, Steam is a software developed by Valve Corporation. Steam is a digital distribution, social entertainment platform mostly used for multiplayer games and social networks. It was originally conceived as a tool to update a well-known game called Counter-Strike. Now, the world’s largest online gaming platform. With Steam, you can automatically install and update games, create groups and friend lists, and also shop in the marketplace.

Steam’s primary function is to enable users to download various games and software from their virtual libraries to their computers as game cache files. There are approximately 150 million registered Steam users. However, as with all software, some problems may occur in Steam. The most annoying of these problems is undoubtedly the problem that the users complain the most about the steam game is starting and does not start.

Steam says starting game won’t start issue is, unfortunately, a common issue. It usually leads to the operating system interfering with the Steam client, or corrupted, damaged files on the system. But you don’t have to worry, there are different causes of this problem and accordingly different solutions. In this article, we describe some possible solutions step by step. Read the guide below and follow the steps to launch games using your Steam client.

Steam Games Won’t Start Solution Guide

Method 1 Make Sure Your Windows 10 Is Up To Date

The latest Windows 10 system is required to keep everything running smoothly on your PC. If Steam says the game is starting but won’t, there may be an available update for your Windows 10 that you haven’t installed yet.

Check for Windows update on your Windows 10:

  • Type Start in the search box and type update. Then click check for updates from the result.
  • Click Check for updates.
  • Install available updates.
  • Restart your Windows and try running your game on Steam to see if it works.

If you find that your device is up to date after checking if Windows is up to date, please try our next method.

Method 2 Verify Your Game Cache Files

If Steam says the game is starting but it doesn’t, you need to verify your game cache files. Verifying your game cache files compares the game files you have installed on your computer with the latest versions from the Steam servers. If the game files are different, it replaces the files or adds additional files necessary for the games to work properly. Restart the computer to verify your game cache files and then launch Steam. Go to the library section, right-click on the game, and select “Properties” from the contextual menu.

To verify your game cache files, first: go to the “Local Files” tab and click “Verify your game cache files”. Steam will start verifying the game files and once the process is complete the files will be re-downloaded and replaced with Steam. This process may take up to several minutes. Restart the Windows operating system and try launching the game in Steam to see if the problem persists.

Method 3 Run Games in Compatibility Mode

If Steam says the game is starting, if it continues to stay on the same screen, you can try to run the games in compatibility mode. Compatibility Mode in Windows 10 is a software mechanism where software emulates an old version or another operating system to ensure that old or incompatible software or files remain compatible with the computer’s new hardware or software. To run Steam games in Compatibility Mode, go to the installation folder (usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam). Find and open the “steam apps” folder in the Steam installation folder.

To run games in compatibility mode, follow these steps:

  • Find and open the “Common” folder.
  • You will see a list of games installed on your computer.
  • Right-click on the game you want to launch and select “Properties” from the contextual menu.
  • In the Properties window, look for the “Compatibility” tab and select it.
  • In the “Compatibility mode” section, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” option and select Windows 8 or versions older than Windows 10 from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes and close the properties window.
  • Try launching the game again on Steam to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 4 Update Your Video Card Driver

Steam says the game is starting and won’t start issue can also be caused by an outdated or corrupt driver, especially your video card driver. You can fix this problem by updating your device driver. Choose to download the latest video card driver from your computer manufacturer’s website or from your video card manufacturer’s website such as NVIDIA, AMD, Intel. Then install the new driver on your Windows 10. Or if you think that you cannot update the drivers manually or you do not have enough time, we recommend that you do it automatically with the Driver Easy program.

  • Install Drive Easy and then run it on your Windows.
  • Click Scan Now. Quickly detects all driver problems of your computer.

Click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of any missing or outdated drivers on your system. Updating all requires the Pro version and clicking will prompt you to upgrade. You can do it for free if you want, but this can be partially done by hand. Then restart your Windows and try running your game on Steam to see if it works.

Method 5 Close Unnecessary Programs

Steam says the game is starting and won’t start. The problem may be caused by unnecessary running programs. Some programs running on your Windows 10 can hinder the performance of Steam. Try to close unnecessary programs. Then restart Windows and try running your game on Steam to see if it works.

If you are not sure which programs you should close, you can refer to Programs that can interact with Steam from the official Steam website

steam game launching problem no method is working

Steam Game Launching Issue No Methods Work

If Steam says the game is starting, but no method solves your problem, we have another wildcard method for you to try. Go to where the games are installed. If you do not know where your Steam files are installed, you can enter the Search section from the Start menu and search for your game, if you still cannot find it, type Steam in the search section and enter the file of the game you want to play from the files in Steam. The file contains files named x32 and x64 bits. Take the files in x64 and dump them into x86 files. Try to open it by hovering over the game that does not open on Steam. If the game says starting and still not starting, this time take the data in the x86 file and transfer it to the x64 file. Then click on the game that does not open on Steam and try to open it.

If the steam, which users frequently encounter, says the game is starting and does not, the methods we tell you are the methods that are tried and give a solution. We hope that one of these solutions will help you solve the game not opening issue and you can play your games using Steam.

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Best Horror Games PC, Console, and Mobile



Best Horror Games PC, Console, and Mobile

While the 1980s generation showed the greatest interest in horror movies, nowadays horror games are ahead of the movies. Due to the high demand for horror games, new horror games are rapidly taking their place in the market. Horror-type games are played by many people with love and fear. In fact, some computer horror games give many people goosebumps, let alone watching them play. Nowadays, we even see a few friends get together and have a horror game night. As such, we decided to prepare a list of which are the best horror games. While preparing our list, we made a distinction by considering both pc, mobile, and console players. It’s good to be reminded beforehand. Many of the horror games we will talk about maybe at the +18 limit because they contain violence and nauseating content.

Best Horror Games PC

No matter how popular mobile games and console games are, it seems unlikely that computer games will disappear from our lives in the near future. Therefore, let’s take a look at what are the best horror games you can play on your computers.



The Outlast game, which we have included in the first place of our list, maybe one of the best among computer horror games. In terms of its general subject, you play a journalist in the game. You go there to do research on a mental hospital, and that’s where things start. In the game, you have a camera with night vision and you actually look around with it. That’s why you should be very careful with your camera’s batteries. At the same time, we do not recommend playing this game if you have any panic attacks, epilepsy, or heart conditions.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

First of all, it should be noted that our first game is a special game for the +18 age group. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. This game, which has a considerable player base since its release in 2010, claims that it will give you an experience that will shake you to the bone. If you also like horror games, it is a game that you should definitely try.

Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival

A horror game in which you feel Slender Man, a character that has become popular on the internet, at any moment. The aim of the game is quite simple. Finding pieces that contain clues in a desolate forest. But the atmosphere is pretty scary. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and you look for clues with a flashlight in your hand. The only problem is that the scary Slender Man can pop up from anywhere at any time. The sound elements in the game are well placed, and it really manages to shudder.

Best Horror Games PS4

After computer games, perhaps the most player-hosted platform is PlayStation 4. The best horror games on this console, which has a huge library of games, also attract a lot of attention.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is at the top of our list of the best horror games PlayStation. Until Dawn is an interactive horror game. In other words, every decision you make in the game will make you wish that I had not taken this decision in the future. In Until Dawn, which is also a successful horror game, you can only know who you can save by playing.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If you are familiar with the Resident Evil series and say what is the difference between this game and the others, hold tight. First of all, the classical third-person perspective is replaced by the first-person perspective in this game. This means that you will feel the fear in the game much more. Nowhere in the game is safe and you have to be more vigilant than ever in this dark environment.

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

Perhaps the most important things that scare the player in horror games are the atmosphere and sounds. Even without this atmosphere, you can feel the fear in The Evil Within 2 game. We recommend the game, which is liked more by many players than the first game, to you who love horror games.

Best Horror Games Mobile

You may prefer your mobile devices instead of a computer or PlayStation. Producers produce horror games on this platform, considering mobile players as well. You can find and play the horror games you like and want to play in the markets that are suitable for your device’s operating system.

Sinister Edge

Sinisa sweat Ed ge

When it comes to a mobile horror games, Sinister Edge is the first thing that comes to mind and is preferred. The game generally takes place in a house, and the player encounters various terrible situations while searching for family members at home. Based on the warnings given in the game, it is necessary to find family members in a serial manner.


Home game, which is an iOS-based game, is a game with pixel graphics and is presented as a unique horror adventure. The game is generally about waking up in a house you are unfamiliar with and trying to understand what is going on.

Evil Nun

Evil Nun

Evil Nun, unlike other games, takes place not at home but at school and aims to escape from the scary elements at school. At the beginning of these terrible elements is the ghost priestess. In the game, besides escaping from school, is based on collecting the products necessary for survival.

If you haven’t read our Best PC Games article we have prepared for you before, we recommend you to read it.

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How can you leverage LinkedIn events for your next conference or webinar?



How can you leverage LinkedIn events for your next conference or webinar?

The LinkedIn event page is a great tool to help you reach your attendees and viewers, especially if you’re trying to host events virtually. Event pages allow you to create a public or private event, invite your connections, see who is attending, and update attendees directly on the page. They are quick to set up and help you get information about your event much easier than an email.

On the left side of your LinkedIn homepage, under the section with your name and profile, there is an “Events” section. Here you can access all the events you have organized or attended and there is a plus sign that allows you to create a new event. Click on the plus sign and a box will appear asking for the details of the event. You can add a background image, profile photo, event name, date, and time. Additionally, there is a description box and a place where you can add speakers for all to see. It is important that you provide as much detailed information as possible when planning your event, so you can increase the rate of participation in your events.


Be sure to review the settings carefully. There are certain settings that cannot be changed after the event has started, it is very important to pay attention to them. Visibility is one of the most important settings on the page. If you choose to make your event public, anyone on LinkedIn can see the event and join if they want to. Public events have a LinkedIn-created registration form option that makes it easy for users to sign up. On the other hand, if you make the event private, only people you invite or have the link can attend. Anyone who isn’t directly invited by you or has a link should ask for permission. If your event is private, you can let your contacts invite their connections.

The final setting allows you to enter a recording or broadcast link for your attendees. Once the event page is filled you will be prompted to post about your event, but if it is a private event you can skip this step.

Managing the event:

Once the page is created, you’ll have management mechanisms that include inviting your connections, editing the event, and even posting. When inviting links to your event, you will have an unlimited number of invitations you can send. You will have the option to edit, delete or cancel in the upper right corner of the page to manage your activity. When your connections are invited, you will be able to see who accepted the invitation. As you lead the event, you’ll be able to post updates, present materials, and share content with the group directly on the event page.

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