Do you have 5 minutes? Expand your social media presence with these quick tips

Finding time to maintain your social media presence can be tough, but expanding it? This seems even more difficult. Do not worry. With a little help, you can build your social media presence while dealing with other responsibilities. We’ve compiled a list of five things you can do when you have an extra five minutes that can help you build a social following.

1) Comment on a LinkedIn group post

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other professionals in your field or related fields. Whether you want to stay on top of current trends in your niche, network with businesses that might want to buy your products and services, or develop yourself as an expert in your field, groups can help. Posting in groups can drive traffic to your profile and website. Posts you make to a group also appear in your profile feed. Commenting has the same benefits. Once a week you have a little extra time, browse your group feed, and find a post you can post with a thoughtful, interesting response. Otherwise, if you have an article or blog post that others in a group can benefit from, post it. If you haven’t joined any groups yet,

2) Reach three people on Twitter

Seventy-four percent of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates. Statistics also show that people who follow brands on Twitter are 47 percent more likely to visit their website and 72 percent more likely to buy from brands they follow. In other words, Twitter can be an outstanding marketing tool if you interact with people.
While you need to constantly engage with existing followers, reaching new people is crucial. Five minutes is a good time to connect with people who might be interested in what you’re selling. You can do this in a number of ways.
Use Twitter’s search to find and follow a few people with interests and locations relevant to your business. This alerts them to your presence and encourages them to follow you back.
Find and respond to tweets with content related to your business. This builds relationships and helps others feel appreciated. Search and answer questions about your business.

3) Browse current trending topics on Pinterest Analytics

Creating really interesting posts about topics people are talking about is a great way to expand your social media presence. Using trending topics increases the likelihood that your post will be found by people who don’t yet follow you. Pins on trending topics see an average 94 percent increase in clicks. That’s right, by creating a pin on a trending topic, you can almost double the number of people visiting your website from it. Take five minutes to visit Pinterest Analytics to browse trending topics, brainstorm a few ways to connect those topics to your brand. and fix the result.
Of course, you can do this on any social network.

4) Take a photo

Images aren’t just available on networks like Pinterest and Instagram. They’re becoming more and more important on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Using your own photos is cheaper and more personal than buying stock photos, and it’s cheaper and easier than ever before with smartphones and apps.

Instead of taking a photo every time you want to post on social media, consider making the process easier by creating a social image library. When you have an extra five minutes, snap a few work-related pictures to add to the library. You can even pass them through a filtering program like Inkscape or Gimp to make them more visually stunning. Of course, if you have a time-sensitive image that you want to publish right away, go for it.

5) Follow one of the top influencers in your industry

On any social network, following the top influencers can help you grow your own followers while keeping up to date with important trends. You can reply to them, share their posts, and eventually, they will share yours too. Check out potential influencers in your industry on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks. Follow these people and interact with them as you post your own high-quality content.
Whenever you have five minutes to spare, do something social and you might be surprised how fast your followers grow.