20 ‘Smartphone Killer’ Apps That Eat Up Phones’ Life Announced

A company called iCloud, which provides a cloud service, has started research to find the applications that harm smartphones the most. Considering memory usage and apps running in the background, the company said that many apps such as Fitbit and My Verizon are “smartphone killers”.

Until now, we used to think that the biggest factor shortening the life of our smartphone was the updates coming to the operating system. Research conducted by a company revealed that not only the updates but also the applications that we can’t get enough of downloading from the first moment we bought the phone shorten the life of the phone.

A company called iCloud, which provides a cloud service, has started new research to observe how much the application is tiring the phone. The first thing they looked at as part of the research was what hardware the apps were using (like the camera and GPS). In addition to all these, dark mode and battery consumption were also examined, and Fitbit was the most harmful application for phones.

The most harmful apps Fitbit and My Verizon 

Researchers scrutinized the 100 most popular apps worldwide to find the most harmful apps for smartphones. As you know, most applications can be a complete battery killer while they continue to run the phone’s camera and location in the background. Aside from the battery life depleting over time and making the phone unusable, it turned out that some applications continue to use high memory in the background, which slows the phone down considerably

pCloud named its list of the most harmful apps “smartphone killers”. Within the scope of this research, it was revealed that the applications that were found to be the most harmful for phones were Fitbit, a health and fitness application, and My Verizon. It turned out that while these applications use the phone’s camera, location, microphone, and Wi-Fi features in the background, they also eat the life of the battery. While Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp were among the most harmful social media applications, it was revealed that 6 of them used cameras, photos, microphones, and location features in the background at the same time. If you wish,  let’s take a closer look at 20 smartphone killer apps, including how many percent they are harmful.

Smartphone killer 20 apps:

  1. Fitbit – 92%
  2. Verizon – 92%
  3. Uber – 87%
  4. Skype – 87%
  5. Facebook – 82%
  6. AirB & B – 82%
  7. BIGO LIVE – 82%
  8. Instagram – 79%
  9. Tinder – 77%
  10. Bumble – 77%
  11. Snapchat – 77%
  12. WhatsApp – 77%
  13. Zoom – 77%
  14. YouTube – 77%
  15. Booking – 77%
  16. Amazon – 77%
  17. Telegram – 77%
  18. Grinder – 72%
  19. likke – 72%
  20. LinkedIn – 72%

Apps like Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok are further down the list.

When looking at memory usage, it turns out that the group that dominates the list is travel applications. For example, United Airlines, the widely used airline application in the USA, is the application that occupies the most space in its category, occupying 437.8 MB of space. At the same time, Twitter is at 25th, TikTok 41st, Spotify 32nd, and Netflix 40th, which is at least as popular as other apps on the list.